I am all of a tizz. Dog has suggested that I get a literary agent. But which to choose? There are so many. According to their websites, they are all searching for new authors with a distinctive voice. Well, I most certainly have a plaintive meow. So after carefully weighing up each and every option, I chose one at random. And what an inspired choice it turned out to be . . .  According to her MoggieBook page, Miss Annunciata Throppy represents a number of best-selling authors including Pliny the Elder, Geoffrey Chaucer, Beowulf, William Shakespeare, Emily Bronte, Charles Dickens, W.B Yeats, Enid Blyton and Harpo Marx. Judging by her photograph, she is not a puss to be ruffled with.

Her home page says that despite being up to her ears in cocktail parties she is always on the lookout for the next Great Catsby. Well, Miss Throppy – this might just be your lucky day . . .

I rattled off a biog . . . I am a cat . . . and emailed the first line of my novel . . . It was the best of whines, it was the worst of whines, it was the age of whiskers, it was the epoch of mulishness . . . togetherwith a synopsis . . . A heartrending tale of love, loss, betrayal, death, resurrection, mice and men . . . Nerves on edge, I curled up in front of the fire for a quick catnap while I waited for her to get back to me with a time and a place to sign the contract.

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