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The Owl and the Kitty Cat

As coincidence would have it, I had just posted the second of my Stoat Hall Legacy Book Club short stories – The Owl and the Kitty Cat – on various online virtual book stores when I stumbled across this fascinating [...]
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My Back Pages by Richard Charkin

I thought it appropriate to kick off Wordy Wednesdays with a book that offers a rare combination of humour, biography and mewsings about the publishing industry. Richard Charkin is a legendary figure in the publishing industry, having been there and [...]
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Wordy Wednesday

Books, books, books. I regularly tramp the streets of Crouch End and wander Stroud Green road picking up books, CDs and vintage paraphenalia from charity shops and junk shops. Oh, well, it keeps me happy. Wednesdays will be dedicated to [...]
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