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A quick and easy dinner for two.

Ingredients; Two hen’s eggs. Brown or white. Preferably free range. Egg timer – you’ll find one in your breakfast set. The high-tech minded can use a clockwork version. egg cups Saucepan. Boiling water. Directions Place the eggs in a pan [...]
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The cultured writer’s Breakfast .

Ingredients; Ground Coffee of choice Fresh tap water Kettle. Cafetiere Milk and/or sugar if required. Directions. Half fill the kettle with the tap water. Plug in the kettle and wait for it to boil. Please three tbs coffee grounds into [...]
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Gourmet recipe for Chana Masala and Bombay potatoes.

Ingredients; Menu Cellphone Twenty pound note Directions. Open the menu at the appropriate page. Taking care not to drop it, pick up the cellphone and dial the number on the front of the menu. Place the order in clear, concise, [...]
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Snoozy Tuesday

Lifestyle tips for slobs, layabouts and snoozy cats everywhere,
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