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BEMEWSED REVIEWS Up against it – not knowing where the next cat-treat was coming from – I catflipped open my flaptop and let out a yowl of glee. I was, to put it mildly, a complete and utter basket case. [...]
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THE CREDIT CRUNCHES. ‘You got a visitor, Puss.’ ‘Not now, Dog. Can’t you see I’m preening?’ ‘I told him, but he won’t take bark-off for an answer. Says it’s important.’ ‘Oh well, I suppose you better shepherd him in.’ ‘Not [...]
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I was pawering down my flaptop when dog padded through the door. ‘I’ve got a bone to pick with you, BookCat,’ he growled. ‘Oh goody – bones,’ I drooled. But it seemed that I had got the wrong end of [...]
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Having got off on rather the wrong paw with my first agent, I puzzled what to do. I felt I owed it to an expectant public to cast my net a little wider. Accordingly I invested in a copy of [...]
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Not wanting to be pushy I left it a good half hour before sending my new literary agent a polite nudge. ‘Dearest Miss Throppy, I have checked my diary and a meet-up for lunch tomorrow would work for me. I [...]
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Crouch End Broadway

From Krill Bearing in mind my newfound popularity, I half-expected to be welcomed home by a handful of neighbours, but to my acute embarrassment, my limousine was mobbed by cheering strangers as we drove down Crouch End Broadway. Young, old, [...]
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The Owl and the Kitty Cat

As coincidence would have it, I had just posted the second of my Stoat Hall Legacy Book Club short stories – The Owl and the Kitty Cat – on various online virtual book stores when I stumbled across this fascinating [...]
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I am all of a tizz. Dog has suggested that I get a literary agent. But which to choose? There are so many. According to their websites, they are all searching for new authors with a distinctive voice. Well, I [...]
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From Krill . . .

‘Many comrades didn’t make it.’ Joe Lenz’s lilting accent drew me back into the present, or rather back into his past. ‘In the dark days of apartheid, you might say that we were living a posthumous life. The flower of [...]
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My Back Pages by Richard Charkin

I thought it appropriate to kick off Wordy Wednesdays with a book that offers a rare combination of humour, biography and mewsings about the publishing industry. Richard Charkin is a legendary figure in the publishing industry, having been there and [...]
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