Welcome to my new Blog

Incorporating The Eccentric Blog and The BookCat Blog, the brand new, all singing-no dancing em-thompson blog meanders from topic to topic – here there, anywhere and everywhere. Posts will include blather about my writing and self-publishing journey, my love of [...]
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BEMEWSED REVIEWS Up against it – not knowing where the next cat-treat was coming from – I catflipped open my flaptop and let out a yowl of glee. I was, to put it mildly, a complete and utter basket case. [...]
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THE CREDIT CRUNCHES. ‘You got a visitor, Puss.’ ‘Not now, Dog. Can’t you see I’m preening?’ ‘I told him, but he won’t take bark-off for an answer. Says it’s important.’ ‘Oh well, I suppose you better shepherd him in.’ ‘Not [...]
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I was pawering down my flaptop when dog padded through the door. ‘I’ve got a bone to pick with you, BookCat,’ he growled. ‘Oh goody – bones,’ I drooled. But it seemed that I had got the wrong end of [...]
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Having got off on rather the wrong paw with my first agent, I puzzled what to do. I felt I owed it to an expectant public to cast my net a little wider. Accordingly I invested in a copy of [...]
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A quick and easy dinner for two.

Ingredients; Two hen’s eggs. Brown or white. Preferably free range. Egg timer – you’ll find one in your breakfast set. The high-tech minded can use a clockwork version. egg cups Saucepan. Boiling water. Directions Place the eggs in a pan [...]
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Not wanting to be pushy I left it a good half hour before sending my new literary agent a polite nudge. ‘Dearest Miss Throppy, I have checked my diary and a meet-up for lunch tomorrow would work for me. I [...]
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Crouch End Broadway

From Krill Bearing in mind my newfound popularity, I half-expected to be welcomed home by a handful of neighbours, but to my acute embarrassment, my limousine was mobbed by cheering strangers as we drove down Crouch End Broadway. Young, old, [...]
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The Owl and the Kitty Cat

As coincidence would have it, I had just posted the second of my Stoat Hall Legacy Book Club short stories – The Owl and the Kitty Cat – on various online virtual book stores when I stumbled across this fascinating [...]
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